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DAY 1: 25 May

Today what I learned is about the distance and mid-points. I find that the topic up till now is extremely easy, it just takes time and patience as it is slightly tedious as e.g. to find the perimeter of triangle ABC you have to repeat the same old formula 3 times. Also I have learnt that the pythogoras formula is very important. I have to use it in the topic itself, this trigonometry thing and now this.
Also, I think that the wiki has some bugs because the first time I tried to edit this page the browser hanged and I had to close it. I tried internet explorer, then it worked.

DAY 2: 26 May

Well I though I understood it until I attempted to make the graphs. I tried the olympic rings but ended up with a bunch of strangely placed circles. I think I did it correctly but somehow it is wrong.
For the RU4 that was easier. I just needed one ring and luckily it seemed to be correct. I managed to do the lines but sadly I did not manage to make double layer because I could not really make it such that it would be right nest to the other one. So I gave up.
The syringe is just too hard. Limiting the lines so many times will be confusing and I can't see why that is supposed to be a syringe anyway. So I didn't do it.
The boat is insanely tough. My precision placing is horrible. Nope.
Anyway at least with a bit more practice I should be able to do it...
Sigh. I have such a fail attempt on drawing...

28 May:
I more or less understand the equation of circles now. And I can put the circles properly as well.

28 May after I finished the syringe:
Yay done. Well I think thats acceptable.

Submission of Designs:
Design 1
(LONDON 2010)

Design 2

Design 3

Design 3 (Optional)

Y1= 3 + square root ( 9 - ( x - 3 ) ^ 2 )
Y2= 3 - square root ( 9 - ( x - 3 ) ^ 2 )
Y3= 7 - x / ( 2 < = X) / ( x < = 4.5)
Y4= 2 / 3 * ( 2 x - 0.5 ) / ( 2 - X ) / ( x < = 3.1 )
y1 = 0.5/(x>=-5 and x<=-4)
y2 = -0.5/(x>=-5 and x<=-4)
y3 = -x - 4.5/(x>=-6 and x<=-5)
y4 = x + 4.5/(x>=-6 and x<=-5)
y5 = 0.5/(x>=-3 and x<=0)
y6 = -0.5/(x>=-3 and x<=0)
y7 = 0.5/(x>=1 and x<=5)
y8 = -0.5/(x>=1 and x<=5)
y9 = -0.25x + 1.75/(x>=5 and x<=7)
y10 = 0.25x - 1.75/(x>=5 and x<=7)

y11 =0+sqrt(16-(x-4)^2)/(x>=0 and x<=4)
y12 =0-sqrt(16-(x-4)^2)/(x>=0 and x<=4)
y13 =0+sqrt(9-(x-4)^2)/(x>=0 and x<=4)
y14 =0-sqrt(9-(x-4)^2)/(x>=0 and x<=4)
y15 =0+sqrt(16-x^2)/(x>=-4 and x<=0)
y16 =0-sqrt(16-x^2)/(x>=-4 and x<=0)
y17 =0+sqrt(9-x^2)/(x>=-4 and x<=0)
y18 =0-sqrt(9-x^2)/(x>=-4 and x<=0)