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DAY 1: 25 May

I feel that compared to the previous topics, I would say that this topic is more interesting in certain ways and easier to comprehend also. I find it very easy to understand this topic as the information provided is straightforward and obvious. I do not think that I have any difficulty regarding this topic. Although I occasionally still have difficulty with the more complicated questions that are much longer and difficult than the normal ones ( usually those involving geometry and shapes) . The questions provided for us to do are easy to understand and do.

DAY 2: 26 May
I feel that today's lesson is by far much more difficult that yesterday's topic. Although it is an interesting, its difficulty makes it somewhat frustrating. I am still struggling to make line segments in the graphic calculator instead of the lines that would just stretch to infinity. I also do not understand how to make semicircles. However i think i have managed to grasp to concept of the equation of the circles. P.S. For some reason I am unable to upload the picture using the preferred format, it always appears to be uploaded into the weird shape in the table below.

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