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DAY 1: 25 May

Type a 100-word reflection for today's lesson.

Honestly, the topic is actually really easy. Really, really easy. It is just that I'ave never thought about it that way. I never noticed how you can apply the Pythagoras Theorem to Linear Graphs. And I really do like those YouTube videos. Surprisingly, they are incredibly good for online teaching. They helped me understand the topic incredibly fast. Of course, I am still really slow at doing all the math. I should think I will need quite a bit more practice if I want to do decently in the test. Then again, I think I might fail if I don't.

DAY 2: 26 May

Type a 100-word reflection for today's lesson and comment on your work.

Okay, this topic is complicated. I wouldn't say difficult, but the equations of circles are just really lengthy and annoying. And I cannot draw stuff with a graphing calculator for the life of me. The calculator going crazy did not help much either. And I can't find another online calculator which can store 10 values at the same time, while Geogebra is just plain annoying. I suppose getting the "London 2010" design up could really take much longer than expected. I suppose I'll be spending my holiday mugging mathematics again. Perhaps I'll have to get someone to teach me later.

Pls Ezra, don't be so drama~!
Relax, take it one step at a may be tough but if its so easy then where's the challenge?

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