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DAY 1: 25 May

I found today's lesson a bit challenging because I did not quite understand how to do some of the practice questions even though I spent about an hour trying to do the questions. The videos only taught us how to do the basic questions like question 1. Also, I had a bit of difficulty using the wiki because it kept on hanging (probably because too many people were editing at the same time). I think it would also be better to upload the powerpoint in ppt format instead of using the iSpring tool because it is quite difficult to see which page you want to go to and you would also have to wait until the timing is finish before moving on to the next step.

Hi Kieran,

You can click on the ppt screen itself to move to the next step instead of waiting.
Hmm, yah, think next time I shall also include the ppt file itself. Thanks for the feedback!

DAY 2: 26 May

I did not realy have so much problem with the concept. It is the graphic calculator I have problems with, even though I saved the work, I can't seem to open it after that so I did not get really far with the London 2012 Olympic Games even though I tried for quite a while so I think I need quite a bit of help for the graphic calculator. I think I personally will have to do some research on how to use the graphic calculator properly dring the June holidays. I will finsih this piece of work once I figure out how.

I seem to have some problems embeding the files even though I click on "embed file". Sorry for the inconveinence caused.
Submission of Designs:
Design 1
(LONDON 2010)

Design 2

Design 3

Design 3 (Optional)

y2= -sqrt(49-x^2)
y3=-2x+4/(x>=-1and x<=3)
y4=2x+1.5/(x>= -1 and x<=1)

Window Settings:
Xmin= -7
Xmax= 7
Xsc= 1
Ymin= -7
Ymax= 7
Ysc = 1
Xres= 1

Equations (Curves):

Equations (Straight Lines):

Window Settings:
Ymin = -5
Ymax = 5
Ysc= 1
Xres = 1