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DAY 1: 25 May

Type a 100-word reflection for today's lesson.

Although tedious and challenging, I find this lesson quite interesting. As we explore deeper into this topic, we have moved on from finding equation of lines and quadratic graphs to finding the distance and mid-point through Pythagoras Theorem, which will then be followed by Trigonometry. This topic is very important as it encompasses many other important concepts that are vital in the future. Having a strong foundation in these concepts is crucial to score well in the later years as we will find it easy to move on to more difficult and challenging questions. However, I must admit I feel that the whole of this topic is quite challenging as compared to others. Although finding the distance and mid-points of lines is relatively easy now, I believe these concepts will be needed to be applied in other areas too. This is another great experience for me as I am able to learn the topic at my own pace and at a totally different environment from school. This change is indeed refreshing and conducive for learning. In all, I feel that finding the distance and mid-points of lines is relatively easy if you are able to grasp the concept behind it, but I believe harder things which require these concepts will come out again in the near future.

DAY 2: 26 May

Type a 100-word reflection for today's lesson and comment on your work.

It was quite time consuming and challenging as I had to spend time to familiarize myself with the different functions of the graphic calculator to obtain the desired picture. I made many mistakes when using the calculator to draw circles and had to research to find out more about it. However, I felt a sense of accomplishment after completing the picture. I feel that this is a very enriching learning experience for me as I can work at my own pace and figure out and discover new things by my own, thus making me more independent in my learning. In all, I feel that today’s lesson was interesting as I learnt how to find the equation of circles. However, I am still not very confident in this topic and need more time to learn and practice.

Submission of Designs:

Design 1
(LONDON 2010)

Design 2

Design 3

Design 3 (Optional)

Window Settings:
Xmin = -12.1
Xmax = 12.1
Ymin = -8
Ymax = 8


Y1 = √(4-(x-4)2 ) +2
Y2 = -√(4-(x-4)2) + 2
Y3 = √(4-(x-0)2) + 2
Y4 = -√(4-(x-0)2)+ 2
Y5 = √(4-(x-(-4))2) + 2
Y6 = - √(4-(x-(-4))2) + 2
Y7 = √(4-(x-(-2))2) + 0
Y8 = - √(4-(x-(-2))2) + 0
Y9 = √(4-(x-2)2) + 0
Y10 = - √(4-(x-2)2) + 0

Window Settings:
Xmin = 0
Xmax = 6
Ymin = 0
Ymax =6

Equations of Circle
y1 = √(2.5^2-(x-3.5)^2) + 3
y2 = -√(2.5^2-(x-3.5)^2) + 3
Equation of Longer Line
y3 = (11-2x)/1/(x>=3)/(x<=4.5)
Equation of Shorter Line
y4 = (2x-4)/1/(x>=3)/(x<=3.75)

Window Settings:
Xmin = -7
Xmax = 7
Ymin = -5
Ymax = 5

Equations of Syringe
y1 = 0.5/(x>=-5 and x<=-4)
y2 = -0.5/(x>=-5 and x<=-4)
y3 = x - 4.5/(x>=-6 and x<=-5)
y4 = -x + 4.5/(x>=-6 and x<=-5)
y5 = 0.5/(x>=-3 and x<=0)
y6 = -0.5/(x>=-3 and x<=0)
y7 = 0.5/(x>=1 and x<=5)
y8 = -0.5/(x>=1 and x<=5)
y9 = 0.25x + 1.75/(x>=5 and x<=7)
y10 = -0.25x - 1.75/(x>=5 and x<=7)

Equations of Semi-Circles
y1 =√(16-(x-4)^2)/(x>=0 and x<=4)
y2 =-√(16-(x-4)^2)/(x>=0 and x<=4)
y3 =√(9-(x-4)^2)/(x>=0 and x<=4)
y4 =-√(9-(x-4)^2)/(x>=0 and x<=4)
y5 =√(16-x^2)/(x>=-4 and x<=0)
y6 =-√(16-x^2)/(x>=-4 and x<=0)
y7 =√(9-x^2)/(x>=-4 and x<=0)
y8 =-√(9-x^2)/(x>=-4 and x<=0)