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DAY 1: 25 May

Today's lesson about mid-point and distances was relatively easy to understand. Many subjects are usually linked to Pythagoras Theorem and a good grasp of the Theorem would ensure smooth understanding of the subject. As for me, I felt that finding the mid-point was a simple process which is based on simple addition and division while finding the distance of lines only requires simple deduction. The videos and flash file provided were able to allow us to understand finding mid-point and distances. The practice questions were adequately simple. Overall, the topic was quite easy to grasp.

DAY 2: 26 May

The concept on finding the equation for circles was particularly hard to grasp. At first, I thought it seemed very complicated to find the equation for circles. However , after going through the videos and power point slides a few more times , I could adequately understand the concept. By having 30 mins to practice with the Olympic Rings , I was able to understand fully the plotting of the circles. However, the homework proved to be more difficult than the Olympic Rings , particularly the Ru4 which involved the curving of the ends which I was unable to do. Placing the limitations to inside the GC was also very tedious and a lot of trial and error was needed before ending up with the final product. I feel that this was a fruitful E-Learning experience though it was more complicated than the other subjects.

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