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DAY 1: 25 May

Type a 100-word reflection for today's lesson.

From this lesson, I have learnt something new about linear graphs. Before today, I did not know anything about calculating the distance between two points and also the midpoint of two points. However, after today, I have a much more better and clearer understanding of the two formulas. I feel that the videos uploaded and the powerpoints slide which give a brief summary of the two formulas are easy to use and the instructions of the videos were very clear too, enabling me to understand better. After attempting the practice questions, I still find myself rather slow in doing the questions and I would definitely put in more practice to ensure that I am better trained in doing these questions.

DAY 2: 26 May

Type a 100-word reflection for today's lesson and comment on your work.

I think that today's work is more tedious than yesterday's work but I think that the youtube videos and the applet made this theory much more easier to comprehend. I did not know that there was such a theory at first and thus I find this rather interesting as it is something new to me. However, I am unable to complete today's work because the laptop that I usually bring to school which contains the graphic calculator is being sent for repair at the moment. I definitely look forward to be able to try this out on the graphic calculator as this topic seems interesting to me. Also, if there is an alternative to complete the designs, I would gladly do it as I would like to try it out.

Submission of Designs:
Design 1
(LONDON 2010)

Design 2

Design 3

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