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DAY 1: 25 May

Today, I learned about what the mid-point and distance between two points on a graph are and also how to calculate them. I felt that what I was suppose to learn today was relatively straightforward and easy to understand as the formulas taught relied largely on what has already been taught in class (pythagoras theorem which we recently learnt and graphs which was taught this term). What I learned today increased by knowledge of coordinate geometry and deepened my understanding of the two new topics. I found the videos and practices useful as they allowed to become more confident about these two topics.

DAY 2: 26 May

I feel that I felt that the work given today was very challenging. Firstly, the concept of drawing circles in graphs (both using the graphic calculator and manually using equations) is very new. Thus, I found it quite tough. Drawing the circles using the graphic calculator was rather tedious as I had to keep changing the equations for the various lines in order to obtain a good image. It was also quite difficult at first as I had to familiarize myself with the functions of the graphic calculator so I took a relatively long time to get the lines correct. Unfortunately, as of now, I am still unable to complete the other designs as I am not sure how to draw them. I hope that with more practice, I will be better at drawing the images using the graphic calculator (and manually) in a decent amount of time.

Submission of Designs:
Design 1
(LONDON 2010)

Design 2

Design 3

Design 3 (Optional)