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DAY 1: 25 May

This topic is not completely alien to me as it encompasses the skills learnt in previous chapters, like for example, the Pythagoras theorem and calculating the equation of a straight line. Generally there are two learning points that is calculating the midpoint of a straight line and the distance of a line drawn from two points. However, these easily comprehensible points can be used to derive interesting questions which I find rather fulfilling. For example, it can be incorporated into algebraic question which require another perspective to fathom the answer. Also, what I find slightly challenging on this topic is looking for perspective when answering the question without drawing out any graph.

DAY 2: 26 May

Todays assignment is evidently tough as this is a new topic on circles and thus harder to fathom. I can only complete the first design as it is relatively simpler than the rest of the designs. Honestly, it was more of the hassle of converting the equations into two separate equations and to type them all down that poses much more difficulty. The basic concept is easier to understand as it just requires you to know the radius and centre point and as long as we can contemplate what every variable in the equation means, it can be rather interesting. I apologise for being unable to complete the rest.

Submission of Designs:
Design 1
(LONDON 2010)
Design 2
Design 3

Design 3 (Optional)
Window Settings:
Xmin = -10
Xmax = 10
Ymin = -5
Ymax = 5

First Ring
Y1 =3
+ sqrt(16-(x+9)^2)
Y2 =3
- sqrt(16-(x+9)^2)
Second Ring
Y3 =3
Y4 =3

Third Ring
Y5 =3

Y6 =3

Fourth Ring
Y7 =
-3 + sqrt(16-(x+4.5)^2)
Y8 =
-3 - sqrt(16-(x+4.5)^2)
Fifth Ring
Y9 =
-3 + sqrt(16-(x-4.5)^2)
Y10 =
-3 - sqrt(16-(x-4.5)^2)
Window Settings:
Xmin = -10
Xmax = 10
Ymin = -5
Ymax = 5

y1= sqrt(29-x^2)
y2= -sqrt(29-x^2)
y3= 2x/(x<=0)/(x>=-2)
y4= -2x(x<=2)/(x>=-2)
Window Settings:
xmin: -7
xmax: 7
ymin: -5
ymax: 5

y1 = 0.5/(x>=-5 and x<=-4)
y2 = -0.5/(x>=-5 and x<=-4)
y3 = -x - 4.5/(x>=-6 and x<=-5)
y4 = x + 4.5/(x>=-6 and x<=-5)
y5 = 0.5/(x>=-3 and x<=0)
y6 = -0.5/(x>=-3 and x<=0)
y7 = 0.5/(x>=1 and x<=5)
y8 = -0.5/(x>=1 and x<=5)
y9 = -0.25x + 1.75/(x>=5 and x<=7)
y10 = 0.25x - 1.75/(x>=5 and x<=7)

y1 =sqrt(16-(x-4)^2)/(x>=0 and x<=4)
y2 =-sqrt(16-(x-4)^2)/(x>=0 and x<=4)
y3 =sqrt(9-(x-4)^2)/(x>=0 and x<=4)
y4 =-sqrt(9-(x-4)^2)/(x>=0 and x<=4)
y5 =sqrt(16-x^2)/(x>=-4 and x<=0)
y6 =-sqrt(16-x^2)/(x>=-4 and x<=0)
y7 =sqrt(9-x^2)/(x>=-4 and x<=0)
y8 =-sqrt(9-x^2)/(x>=-4 and x<=0)