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DAY 1: 25 May

Today's lesson was quite enlightening and quite straight to the point. Teaching aids were abundant and practice was sufficient and adequately provided. As an add on to the previous' chapter about linear graphs, I have learnt about the formula to calculate the mid-point of the line as well as to find the length of the line through the Pythagoras theorem. Now...I wonder if there is a formula to find out these two factors when it comes to quadratic lines? Then again, I think the practical use of it would be less than that of the straight line. So far, so good. I am ready for tomorrow!

That's good to hear! Nope, formula applies to straight lines only.

DAY 2: 26 May

Today was really a very hectic day. Not only did I have to drill an equation into my head but I had to quickly understand how each of its components affected the shape and size of a circle. However, I think that I am still on the same wavelength as the others studying this module and so far there have been no major problems managing the tasks set out for me. Nevertheless, I still have some questions regarding the several factors in the formula which purpose I do not understand. For example, in the GC calculator, I do not understand the use of this:


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